Monday, August 23, 2010

The Dodger

Dodge was our first "pasture ornament."  Upon moving into our house eight years ago, I was immediately ready to add to our family of pets which at the time consisted of Kirby, Simon, Kiwi, and our guinea pig Noel.  Along came Dodge.  He was living at a horse stables and making a nuisance of himself.  Like all goats he has a hearty appetite and was most fond of his family's house siding and horse tack.  Eating the tack and bothering the guests at the farm for trail rides didn't endear him to the stables, so he was seeking a new home.

When I heard he was looking for a home, I knew that he had to be mine.  It wasn't just that I was longing for some type of pasture pet, Dodge is a Lamancha goat, which happens to be the breed that I love most.  Why is so unique?  First, he has no ears (well actually tiny ears).  His unique appearance his only one of the breeds wonderful qualities, they are also in my opinion, the friendliest breed of goat.

Dodge hasn't had an easy life.  He started out as a "rodeo goat."  I have no idea what that means, but I know it couldn't be good  At his next home he found himself tied to a dog house and attacked by dogs.  Finally he found some refuge at the stables, but his appetite got the best of him.  He's been living with us for the past eight years.  He's now an elderly goat, but he definitely hasn't lost his spunk.

If you visit our farm, Dodge is who you will meet first.  Bullying his way to front of the pack of llamas, waiting on a pet or if you know him well, a marshmallow.

Where was the pug during Dodge's photo shoot?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Mini

We share our house with 3 cats, Simon, Mini, and Helena.  Our second addition to our feline family was Mini.  He showed up six years ago, a tiny, sick kitten who had most likely been dumped.  We have a habit of adopting (willingly or not) a collection of the strangest pets on earth and Mini is no different.

He is not your typical cat.  He wants to be with you as a constant companion and not simply in the same room or on your on your lap.  Mini likes to be in your face.  He doesn't sit down, he doesn't cuddle, he just climbs....higher and higher until all you can see is black cat fur.

He is also a drooler.  Some cats drool when they're upset or see a bird, but Mini is a 24/7 drooler.  We even checked into his habit with our vet afraid that he had dental issues, but the official vet diagnosis "he's just weird."

So here is our Mini.  Beautiful, strange, but always entertaining.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the first post of The Girl with the Pug Tattoo!  Why a pug tattoo?  Kirby.  While some may think he's merely a dog, Kirby is most definitely a child in a furry Pug outfit.  Not only is he the first dog that my husband and I have shared our lives with as a couple, he's hilarious, adorable, and now the subject of my very first tattoo.

Why am I blogging?  Kirby isn't the only furry child to share our home and our small farm.  We have cats, llamas, a cockatiel, a prairie dog, an earless goat, and a thousand pound pig.  As pescatarians (fish only-no other meat) the animals that share our lives are simply companions.  This blog is the place for me to share our lives and our misadventures raising our herd of unconventional kids.

Meet Kirby:

He's an 8 year old Pug.  His favorite things in life are naps, cookies, lunch, his Aunt LuLu and grandma.  Check out his "waiting on cookies face" below!

Check back soon to meet the rest of the kids!