Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the first post of The Girl with the Pug Tattoo!  Why a pug tattoo?  Kirby.  While some may think he's merely a dog, Kirby is most definitely a child in a furry Pug outfit.  Not only is he the first dog that my husband and I have shared our lives with as a couple, he's hilarious, adorable, and now the subject of my very first tattoo.

Why am I blogging?  Kirby isn't the only furry child to share our home and our small farm.  We have cats, llamas, a cockatiel, a prairie dog, an earless goat, and a thousand pound pig.  As pescatarians (fish only-no other meat) the animals that share our lives are simply companions.  This blog is the place for me to share our lives and our misadventures raising our herd of unconventional kids.

Meet Kirby:

He's an 8 year old Pug.  His favorite things in life are naps, cookies, lunch, his Aunt LuLu and grandma.  Check out his "waiting on cookies face" below!

Check back soon to meet the rest of the kids!


  1. Just found your site. Congrats on joining the blog world. Kirby is so cute!