Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Mini

We share our house with 3 cats, Simon, Mini, and Helena.  Our second addition to our feline family was Mini.  He showed up six years ago, a tiny, sick kitten who had most likely been dumped.  We have a habit of adopting (willingly or not) a collection of the strangest pets on earth and Mini is no different.

He is not your typical cat.  He wants to be with you as a constant companion and not simply in the same room or on your on your lap.  Mini likes to be in your face.  He doesn't sit down, he doesn't cuddle, he just climbs....higher and higher until all you can see is black cat fur.

He is also a drooler.  Some cats drool when they're upset or see a bird, but Mini is a 24/7 drooler.  We even checked into his habit with our vet afraid that he had dental issues, but the official vet diagnosis "he's just weird."

So here is our Mini.  Beautiful, strange, but always entertaining.

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